Mark Neidig Sr., CFRE


Mark has extensive corporate and NPO leadership experience from pretty much everywhere (That’s: Pennsylvania, Indiana, California, Connecticut, New York, Washington DC,  Nigeria and The Gambia, West Africa). An articulate motivational speaker, Mark enjoys listening to each organization’s needs and strategizing on how to best help them make a difference.

Mark’s family and friends call him the “Energizer Bunny” because he never stops moving. He’s best known for transforming the Kanzius Foundation, a cancer-research organization, from a regional dream to a global brand, winning the national Pepsi “Refresh Everything” Project, the Ellen DeGeneres PinkWell Grant, and the Million Dollar Challenge.

When he was ten, Mark wanted to be an actor on Broadway. (Spoiler: His parents didn’t let.) Mark has been featured on 60 Minutes’ Leslie Stahl, Glenn Beck’s television/radio show, and some one-on-one meetings with John Boehneer and Nancy Pelosi.

When he’s not traveling and exploring new countries, Mark advises organizations on how to optimize their effectiveness so they can touch donors and accomplish their goals. Mark is passionate about fundraising and gets personally involved in each job, turning strangers into friends along the way.

Mark lives in Orlando, Florida with his wife, Debbie, and loves people almost as much as Middle Eastern food. 

career highlights

Development of the Million Dollar Challenge

Securing first ranking and a $250k grant in the Pepsi Refresh Everything Campaign

Featured story on 60 Minutes and The Glenn Beck Show

sector experience

International development

Healthcare and medical research

Performing arts and culture

Social services

areas of expertise

Donor and media relations

Finance and budgeting

Strategic planning

Planned and major gifts

Integration of converged communication platforms

Social media

Board development