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Elana van Halem


As the Director of Project Management, Elana’s role consists of air traffic control, making sure tasks are completed, deadlines are met, and that clients stay on track toward their goals. Her bachelor’s degree in English Literature imbued her with the ability to analyze and provide perspective, a skill she uses often in her work at ALTRUICITY.

Before joining ALTRUICITY, Elana ran a catering company, a party planning company, a photography agency, and a small boutique. Despite her many entrepreneurial successes, she is most proud of her talent at keeping four little humans alive each day for over a decade, guiding each one to become a sensitive, thoughtful person while showing them the joy life holds and the meaning one can find in the most mundane things. 

Known by her colleagues as an excellent listener and problem-solver, Elana’s favorite part about working for ALTRUICITY is building relationships with clients and seeing their elation when they hit—or surpass—their fundraising goals. Elana lives in Israel with her family and loves the variety of ethnicities she encounters daily.

Favorite quote: "The journey is the destination" —Unknown