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As a nonprofit leader, there's a lot resting on your shoulders.

Donors to appease. A board to answer to. Fires to put out. A budget to meet. With every campaign, the financial viability of your organization and the lives of the people you serve are at stake—not to mention the reputation you’ve worked so hard to build.

The last thing you need is another consultant with pie-in-the-sky strategies that sit on your proverbial shelf collecting dust.

You need strategies custom tailored to your organization and your goals + the tools, systems, and structured support to ensure you follow through.

(Yup. That’s us.)

Smart strategies, meet fool-proof execution.

(We’re no matchmakers, but we’d say that’s bashert)

After working on hundreds of campaigns, we’ve combined our fundraising knowledge and project management expertise to create strategies and systems that bake authentic donor engagement into every facet of your organization, leading to millions of dollars raised and lives impacted.

Our tried-and-true recipe? A perfect marriage of macro and micro: big-picture goals broken down into doable tasks, practical routines, and permanent habits that propel your organization’s immediate and future growth.

With ALTRUICITY quarterbacking your campaign, you’ll:


Become empowered to build sustainable donor relationships


Create the structure necessary for success with a detailed strategy, plan and timeline


Stay accountable to your goals by distilling them into bite-sized daily + weekly tasks


Get unchecked access to our knowledgeable and experienced fundraising coaches


Develop permanent habits and systems that fuel sustainable growth

“they gave us an excellent plan that we actually carried through”

They made us rethink everything. Rather than looking campaign by campaign, Jonah and his team helped us think about the bigger picture: where are our fundraising efforts? Where do you need to be? How can you change the way you do things and do things that you've been doing better or differently? What types of campaigns do we need in order to be able to work differently?

Victoria Neznansky

Director of Development, YM&YWHA of Washington Heights & Inwood

“But can you help us [insert goal here]?”

Probably. Here’s just some of what we can do:

Annual Campaigns

Strategic Campaign Plans

Monthly giving campaigns

Giving Societies (major gifts, grandparents, alumni)

Crowdfunding campaigns

capital Campaigns

Pre-campaign plans

Silent Phase Lead and Major GIft Campaigns

Public Phase Community Campaigns

online Campaigns

Virtual dinners

Virtual parlor meetings

Virtual “Donor/Investor Calls”

Crowdfunding campaigns

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There’s the throw- spaghetti-at-the-wall method, and then there’s ALTRUICITY.

Stop guessing and second-guessing, and get an organized, systematic approach to fundraising. Here’s how it works.

Donor Deep Dive

You know so many people who appreciate the work you do. Imagine how much you could raise if you got organized enough to solicit them properly!

We’ll review and document your donors’ giving history (Who gave? When? How much?), and gather anecdotal background on them, so you can craft messaging that resonates with your supporters. Then we’ll put all the data together and connect the dots, so you can spot important trends and tap into latent donor power.

Strategy Huddle

With campaign ideas flying, numerous audiences to think about, and more tasks than you can fit into your workday, it’s no wonder that you're overwhelmed. We’ll help you choose high-impact growth areas and create campaigns that target your most profitable audience.

You’ll come away with a detailed strategy, plan, and timeline for your campaign, designed to build the momentum that drives donations. Instead of going after “Everybody” (AKA “Nobody”), you’ll know who your best bet is—and how to reach them.

VIP Projections

Numbers, numbers, and more numbers. There’s the one you need to hit, the one your board keeps pushing, and the one you dream of reaching. The $1 million (or $5M or $10M) question is: Are your goals and projections realistic?

Using our meticulous, data-driven crystal ball method, we’ll help you rate each donor’s giving probability and set realistic projections for each individual, so you can create attainable campaign goals. With low-to-high estimates, you’ll see what your best-case scenario is—and what you have to do to make it happen.


You don't need a know-it-all consultant to tell you what to do (okay, maybe sometimes). You have great ideas. But you don't have the know-how, time, bandwidth, and/or infrastructure to execute them well.

We’ll fuse your high-growth areas and your campaign projections into a clear, comprehensive objective. Then we’ll break up large, would-be intimidating goals into manageable daily and weekly tasks. Our robust project management system and coaching support will keep you and your team focused and accountable and help you develop lucrative habits that become part of your org’s DNA for years to come.

Schmooze and Reviews

You may be the boss, but you still need a sounding board: someone to talk things through, help you problem solve (“Am I nudging that donor too much?), and validate your ideas.

Our knowledgeable, experienced coaches always happy to answer your questions and help you get back on track when you're feeling stuck. We’ll schedule regular meetings to ensure your team is hitting each benchmark and make any necessary tweaks. We’ll also arrange monthly, quarterly, and yearly “big-picture meetings” to ascertain that all the little steps are moving your organization forward.

Get to Work

You’re ready and willing to put in the gritty work to make things happen. Using our online project management platform, each member of your team will be assigned doable, bite-sized tasks to complete each week.

So instead of slogging your way to Mt. Fundraising Everest, you’ll build confidence and momentum with quick wins—each one bringing another in its wake. Watch as your team grows empowered, your donors feel more connected to your cause, and your org’s bank account brims with cash (G-d willing!)

That’s what we call growth for good.

So, what’s your next move?

(Superhero cape optional)

Establish your annual fund

Build your prospect pipeline

Reach new market segments

Develop cultivation strategies

Foster major gift growth

Increase donor giving

Host effective fundraising events

Rejuvenate board member activity

Market and launch capital campaigns

Develop pipeline of capital campaign donors

Whether it’s an annual, capital, virtual, or a how-should-I-know-what-campaign-to-run-campaign, get a beautiful strategy with a step-by-step action plan that works.

Because you know what they call a dream without a plan (a wish).

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