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“Jonah and his team knows how to make fundraising accessible—and fun—to anyone and everyone. He inspires his audience and gives them real tools to make an impact.”

—Beth Fetner, SVP Sunrise Association

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Jonah’s keynotes have been described as “incredibly engaging,” “jam-packed with practical action steps,” and “a powerful reminder that donor relationships don't end with the gift; they start with a gift.”

With every presentation, Jonah makes fundraising more accessible and—yes—FUN, whether you’ve been fundraising for one year or twenty. (This might be why 90% of his speaking engagements are direct referrals from happy clients.)

Sharing real-life, in-the-trenches stories of fundraising for some of the Jewish world’s most well-known nonprofits (and countless lesser-known ones), Jonah leaves his listeners with actionable strategies for how to connect, engage, and turn donors into invested partners.

Jonah's the perfect speaker if you want to:

Make fundraising accessible and exciting for EVERYONE (not just a select few)

Redefine success from dollars raised to IMPACT made

Change your audience’s mindset toward viewing donors as valued partners

Learn how donor relationships can be built using systems

Incorporate effective project management tools into your organization

keynotes DELIVERED for 40+ organizations, including:

Suggested KEYNOTE Topics

Date your Donors:

How to Attract and Engage a New Generation of Philanthropists

How do we showcase the mission and vision of your cause in a way that not only compels greater support from existing donors, but also attracts a new generation of leaders and givers?

Through the lens of courtship and personal relationships, Jonah will guide us through 21st century donor cultivation and solicitation, and how it relates to our organizations in a world where donors have so many philanthropic options - and much less attention span.

Date your Donors:

Seeking a Long Term Relationship

Way too often we solicit money from the community and then we ignore them until the following year. This “one night stand" of solicitations fosters a negative attitude (“they only want my money”) and makes it harder to retain or increase giving each year.

With so many philanthropic options and new expectations for showing impact and transparency, if we don’t maintain the relationship and create an emotional bond, then we will lose them to other worthy causes.

Through the lens of courtship and personal relationships, Jonah will demonstrate how to deepen the relationship AFTER the gifts are closed, and ensure that you will retain and raise more money than ever before.

Get it Done:

Project Management and your Cause

Good ideas don’t fail because they aren’t good ideas. They fail because they aren’t properly executed. Whether implementing annual, capital or endowment campaigns, or trying to create order out of your donor moves management, the only way to ensure clarity, accountability, transparency and teamwork is to adopt project management principles to your work, no matter how big or small the task.

Jonah will show you how to implement some project management best practices that will in turn create a more cohesive team and raise more money for your organization than ever before.



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