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ALTRUICITY is a fundraising strategy and project management firm empowering Jewish nonprofits to meet and exceed their fundraising goals through relationship-driven strategies, turn-key systems, and habits that fuel sustainable growth.

our vision

We envision a world where Jewish nonprofits bake authentic donor engagement into every facet of their organization, leading to millions of dollars raised and thousands of lives impacted.

our genesis

in the beginning...

. . . There were a handful of monolithic Jewish charities, and it was easy to win the attention and support of your Jewish community.

Jonah Halper, ALTRUICITY’s founder, received the quintessential fundraising training during his close-to-a-decade of experience in the Jewish Federation system. After working his way up through the ranks and earning a Masters degree in Public Administration, he learned the ins and outs of effective fundraising and campaign implementation, and put them into practice early on in his career.

But Jonah always had a hunch that there was a better way to stand out in the charitable marketplace—one that never sacrificed donor relationships on the altar of systems. One that focused more on what made donors... donate.

He had a radical idea: What if we had conversations with donors? What if we asked them why they gave—and what might get them to give more? What if we listened to their insights and treated them like partners, not ATM machines?

Jonah founded ALTRUICITY in 2010 because he realized that if nonprofits want to stand out, they need to make donor relationships their focus. More than that, organizations need the systems, processes, and structures to nurture donor relationships successfully.

Fast forward to today: ALTRUICITY has helped over 60 organizations raise more than $35M for their annual and capital campaigns.

By combining thoughtful strategy with practical project management systems and habits that catalyze long-term growth, ALTRUICITY is changing how nonprofits fundraise. And in 10+ years, they’ve never lost sight of the heart of it all: valuing and strengthening the client-donor relationship.

“they know how to get things done.”

Jonah and his team get down to the brass tacks: What's the situation, what do we need to accomplish, and what do we have to do to move forward? If you need someone who knows how to get things done, you call ALTRUICITY. They understand the big-picture strategy in two seconds flat and know how to convert it into a concrete action plan that gets results.

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Director of Development, Refuah V’Chesed

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