We don’t believe in (just) patching up your immediate fundraising gaps.

Our mission is to guide your nonprofit from a constant state of crisis management to having a strong, strategic path for sustainable growth.


If you're like most of the nonprofit leaders we speak to, the uphill battle of sustaining your fundraising efforts keeps you awake at night.

You find yourself constantly worried about the next donation or grant, scrambling to pull together last-minute fundraising events, and struggling to build and nurture relationships with major donors. . . all of which disrupt your ability to focus on your core mission and long-term growth. To solve these challenges, you may have tried beefing up your development team, hiring short-term consultants with one-size-fits-all strategies, or investing in expensive fundraising software, only to find yourself back at square one.

Our GrowthForGood™ system

Our GrowthForGood™ system was built from years of working hand-in-hand with hundreds of nonprofits like yours, turning their haphazard fundraising efforts into a sustainable, efficient fundraising engine.

Here’s what it looks like:

Our GrowthForGood™ System: The Big Picture


We start by helping you create a robust pipeline of authentic relationships with major gift prospects and current donors that don't just provide funding, but create a supportive network of partners to fuel your mission.

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The Pipeline

Major Gifts Development

Fundraising isn't just about numbers, it's about people. That's why we start with our major gifts program development, designed to identify those big-hearted individuals who are able and eager to make a significant impact on your mission.

This foundational service is all about fostering authentic, meaningful connections with high-net-worth donors who share your passion and vision.


From there, we support you in crafting and implementing effective fundraising campaigns, incorporating engaging events and initiatives that inspire your community to join you in your cause and provide you a healthy baseline of philanthropic support at all giving levels.

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Campaign Strategy & Project Management

Every fundraising campaign is unique, reflecting your individual goals and audience. Once we've helped you build a strong base with the major gifts development, we get to work on crafting strategies for campaigns that will touch the hearts of your audience and inspire them to open their hands.

From intimate gatherings to ambitious community campaigns, we work alongside you to design detailed plans that set up each of your fundraising activities for success.


Together, we'll build a comprehensive annual campaign plan, a roadmap that extends your reach and maximizes your impact year over year.

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Annual Campaign Planning

Having a clear direction and detailed plan isn't just about getting from A to B. Our Annual Campaign Planning service helps you envision that journey over the course of a year, providing a roadmap to guide your mission toward greater success and amplified impact.

You’ll come away with a crystal-clear vision, tangible goals, and effective strategies that empower you to make the most of your resources and seize the opportunities that come your way, without constantly feeling like you’re trying to catch your tail. With an annual campaign plan and calendar, your nonprofit can operate with purpose, effciency, and true effectiveness.


When you're ready, we'll fuel your aspirations with a visionary campaign plan, supporting capital or comprehensive campaign initiatives to propel your organization toward the future you envision.

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Visionary Campaign Plans

As your nonprofit dreams bigger, it's vital to conduct a thorough assessment to gauge potential success of an ambitious fundraising campaign and the appetite of your key stakeholders to be invested in supporting this vision. This involves deep-dive research, insightful data analysis, and crucial conversations with key stakeholders, from VIP donors to community leaders.

This study isn't just about ticking boxes. It's about asking and answering important questions: Do your VIP donors have the appetite to invest in this vision? Can the organization reach the funding target? What steps need to be taken before a major campaign roll-out? Through this process, we shed light on potential challenges, identify potential major donors, and advise on strategies, timing, and appropriate funding goals. It’s a critical planning tool, enabling you to make informed decisions and lay a solid foundation for a game-changing campaign that could transform your programs, services, or infrastructure.

This entire process, no matter what stage you are in, is managed through our tried-and-tested project management and moves management systems to ensure that all strategies are implemented with precision—and that every step we take together honors the integrity of your mission.

We’re not armchair consultants who tell you what to do and how to do it.

We’re partners who get into the trenches with you to fight for every dollar, so your success isn’t just a hopeful dream, but inevitable.