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Jonah Halper, MPA


Jonah is a leader in nonprofit marketing and fundraising, specializing in new donor acquisition. As president of ALTRUICITY, Jonah coaches many organizations and enjoys seeing the impact of his work. His book Date Your Donors demonstrates how fundraisers need to court their donors and cultivate genuine relationships for long-lasting support. 

Jonah loves fundraising, cigars, wine, and hard rock music (not necessarily in this order). Jonah’s clients are consistently impressed by his practical approach.

At the heart of Jonah’s philosophy is a genuine appreciation for donors and a refusal to leave any stone unturned. Jonah prides himself on being a team member, not a prescriptive consultant, channeling over a decade of fundraising experience into every project. When he’s not reading sci-fi or cracking funny Dad-jokes (well, he thinks they’re funny), Jonah helps organizations attract new donors and develop a new generation of organizational leadership.

Jonah lives in Israel with his wife and four children and travels regularly to the United States for his clients and speaking engagements. Jonah’s natural diplomacy doesn’t allow him to insult other foods by naming one as his favorite, so you’ll have to hop on a call with him to get to the bottom of this mystery.


THE ASSOCIATED: Jewish Community Federation of Baltimore

Jewish Federation of Northern New Jersey

Founder and President of ALTRUICITY

Author of Date your Donors

Years Experience: 17


Jewish Education

Jewish Health and Social Service

Jewish Institutional/Community Giving


Annual Campaigns

Capital Campaigns

Crowdfunding Campaigns

Strategic Development Plans

Donor Moves Management